J31 https://paradigm2000.tripod.com/WebMasters.html Webmasters Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet as the Childrens Immortalisation Network

The Para-Messiahcal Interface

On June 14. 2002 Sent to info@digitallycorrect.com

Subject: "I searched using the browser window of (I.E. 6.0.26) for.......

[the most important website on the internet] and since you came up number 1, you win the karmic prize of a request from Robert Hedges of Sedona Arizona to link to http://www.istopdeath.com http://www.superhumanity.org !!

As this email request will be posted on my website in the context of The Childrens Immortalisation network and Mortality Resolution International, cooperation would be advised.

As I am building a case against the United States Government and all parents of that nation for building children to kill them (putting it rather bluntly), the position you take will be used to show children the coldness of the matrix they are being inducted into.

Should you respond in a cooperative nature, YOU WILL BE THE FIRST!"


Robert Hedges

293N 89A

Sedona Az 86336

Send button clicked @ precisely 2:58:00 pm June 14, 2002 MST No daylight saving


Feb 14 2002 Sent to gwinfield@internet.com

Subject: It is the nature of this site....

....such that you will want to clone it, evolve it, and submit it max.

Catch the wave,

Respect Rules....

"The International Physical Immortality Project"



Coordinated universal intent

Inter means to put back in the earth.

Net means to catch

decrypt means no crypt or uncrypt!

Internet = decrypt = the beginnings of real physical immortality.

Social Security is in trouble financially because of the gains made in Life Span Extension.

It's already begun....do you see it yet?

PsyNaptics of SuperHumanity

one mind.


Robert Hedges,

Sedona Az

Sent February 14, 2002 at exactly 3:42:00 pm MST

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