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The Para-Messiacal Interface




Subject: Internet voting


The internet provides the potential to move voting online.

If what is to be on the ballot is not determined by the populace, then we have a 4 million persons large dictatorship telling 270 million people what they can and can't do, while the majority of people pay the minority controllers from an extortionarily derived wealth base.

Any large group of people, with this size of denial of rights violation remaining unchallenged does not speak well for the consciousness level or average self respect level of Americans.

Science has shown conclusively that all dna life forms of the entire evolution exist in a context of unconsented production into a destructive test environment.

Conscisely, humans breed to kill as there exists no known alternative to life as we have inherited it and, therefore, we must live in synthetic (false) respect until this is resolved. Kildren.

Any form of voting prior to massively restructuring education of all Americans will result in the same puppet, robotic, living dead Karma.

The picture is neither pretty or easy to awaken.

I feel that we are in trouble from the interior.

A Callem Blind Shooting of sorts..

Your comments?

Robert Hedges,

Sedona Az.

Sent February 15, 2002 at exactly 3:47:00 pm MST to:

Bill Jones, California Secretary of State: Internet Voting Feasability

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