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The Dynamics of Intention Relevance.

This section is under construction...last here on April 16, 2002

Creating more children, knowing that they will die, equals creating more children with the intention THAT they die. What Facts makes this true is that our creative time is available to solve all forms of danger, but, rather than create that, because we don't want anybody or anything to tell us what to do, then, excuses are made instead of resolution explored. This is also a reflection of how we have all been zombied into an adaptive, and therefore, unsensed, state of cold indifference with fake smiles pasted on our pretended-concern lie.

Humanity has inherited a build to kill evolution of survival aptitude. The innocent guilt assosiated with this inheritance is the motive for shock and denial. The hypnotic trance coming down each lineage is the psychical virus of deceit projection with in the setting an example for the new inducties, the chill of child, the kidding of kids.....synthethic emotion and conn-cept. We are a solar powered mutiny still waiting for its savior. War is the male activation of the anger response subconscious reaction to being psycho-physically betrayed by the creator, [Mother-father] the head manufacturer, Mother, and secondarily father. He has less sexual authority because he doesn't have abortion rights or sexual access compared to the female.

Any discussion about war is best done from a master context of the origin of life and life's "purpose". The dna mutation and testing phenomenon is activated by three simultaneous agents......a stellar energy source, a planetary stage with correct conditions for a medium of growth, and the dna seed of evolvable replication enhancement of nitching survival refinement.

This is a time machine under "pre-supervised" experimentation. Since humanity has been created as the high brain volume agent of the time machine, supervision is our inheritance. Ethics and morality, psychology and social structures are it's expression and reveal its level of evolvement, or lack of it.

War between males is learned by psychical programs activated from the genetic level and are transfered to young male humans through attitudes and protocols for which the mother is generally and totally unaware. Psycho-robotics is our inheritance. The shame and guilt of our inheritance is so high that most of our psychical energy reservoir is used up in pretending all is well; the denial, avoidance, and rationalisation protocols.

I have concluded that, in general, parents prefer daughters to sons and this psycho-genetic prejudice has a refining attribute in the long term breeding of sacrificial beings called the children. The chill or coldness is in the creation of sacraficial players through a non-consenting mechanism known as human procreative sexuality, now post alpha male-ism psycho-sexual mutiny (monogamy) modality. Given the natural amount of attention afforded males, mothers built many more males than they are willing togive attention to in the way the males they constructed and perceive that attention.

The natural universe has built us to destroy us and that fact is the primal driving force behind our mass hypnosis. So, essentially every one you know has adapted a contrived pretense of social interaction of denial of the fact of destruction. Evolution is on hold as long as the pretense is the modality of interaction. This is the chill of children, the random genetic and psychical non reality that they inherit. It is a death mime going no where, and the living dead have adapted to the great sleep until some great force can shatter the rampant, para cultural illusioning.

True love does not create chilled-run, without their consent, to put them in pain and great danger as a preface to killing them. So now you know why there is so much energy invested in pretense and confusion. Education is essentially void of this level of clarity and any agenda of resolution.[Dear King Entity:]

[Tsu-Jae King Associate Professor Director, UC Berkeley Microfabrication Laboratory University of California at Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences 231 Cory Hall #1770, Berkeley CA 94720-1770]

In the background of Precision Lithography and paralleling clarity regarding "the origin, the definition of, and the destination of intent." I am curious if you sense this missing piece. Given that there are powerful implications of exponentially expanding computational power, there is an implicit shadow lurking nearby. I will attempt to bring lucid my point.

Intention has consequence. The exponiental expansion of intention amplification implicit in shrinking silicon efficiencies produces an accelerated need for the clarification of the priorities to apply such power to. I have created in my awareness, after decades of soul searching, an intention reference meter. It is based in a belief that, since the worst thing a person can do is kill a child, then by inversion, the best thing a person can do is immortalyze children.

Given this as preface.....then the rate of the socialization of this intention has the ability to resolve a 4 billion year old quest of dna and bring clarity to an entire species where clarity has been lacking.

Do you sense the connection between high definition lithography and high definition intention relevance as two powers converging toward extreme efficiency?


Robert Hedges,

Sedona Az

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