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The Para-Messiahcal Interface

Sent to Mr. Russ Johnson at radio station 850 KOA, Denver, Colorado:

Dear Russ Johnson:

I know how you love to kick butt.

This is Robert Hedges.

I've listened to your show from my tent in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona Az for probably over a year.

Nice Attitude!!

Getting right to the point....however, istopdeath ....there it is in 10 letters.

Futurist, prophet probably and intense for sure.

My email to the president is on my website sitting there with no response. "I am in the world to teach all parents not to bring their children into the world to kill them." That is a fact and my only job.

It's not that I need attention.... just that if you do a short segment about "The International Physical Immortality Project" which has the ability to unify and or destroy all religions and governments inclusive of FreeDumb.... its free intention communication amplification!

Hey, check it thrive on hot material so eat this! &.com

The Twin Towers.

To stand either passive or to be against this is to be saying to all children...."Hey, welcome to death row called life." That is uncool....bad intent.

Good Luck,


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Sent on February 14, 2002 at exactly 1:45:34 pm MST