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The Tragedy and Futility Of Living In Metaphorical Respect!

We all learned to act. Our parents were/are hypnotized. As their babies we were trusting and had no reference to protect ourselves from their hypnotic state. Now we are hypnotized too! We say things like "How are you? We say it Robotically. Why can't we say... Hey!, Nice deathwish maintenance. Let's keep pretending we love each other while we all die on schedule in our pavlovian futility aerobics designer obituary adaptive hell socialized. Hey! Let's not all cut the crapp! Since you are the recipient of a solar driven bio-chemical experiment that represents the destructive testing of dna then you are one or two positions in this context. Everyone who exists is a victim, or, if you prefer, a recipient. And, if you are a breeder, we call that parent, then you are also a perpetrator of the malicious unconsented conspiracy of a pre-ethical sacrificial evolving consciousness mechanism. The psychy in this malicious context, being adaptive and pleasure driven, has the tendency or nature to be psychically myoptic for reasons of fear, pain, guilt, and denial. Everyone you know is in shock and denial, hypnotised by the slow motion baby killer cotext that all biologically based life is. Reaction becomes projection and we project our creation upon the exterior screen and call it god up there. So, in that context of duality, the devil points at god as good. When the being awakens, projection ceases and god is everywhere and when god is inside to, the "devil" has been conquered. In this way of seeing, the devil is actually confusion projection. Then what happens when confusion is resolving is that humanity creates, together, the organized resolution of the baby killer context of Freedumb and fee dumb. "Thou shalt not die, ever" So, now that THE eternal context of intention relevance is set, confusioning, a culturally induced, natural, inate, destructive psychical tradition, representing the habit of the "destroyer", who is now exposed by the clarity of eternal truth, that the para-messiacal inter-face illumination reveals..... Now the adaptive fear denied will try to rise up to defend the death inertia hypnosis habituation/pavlovian psy slumber. And it will fail in the face of love and truth persisted. Everyone acts hypnotised as if the shock of induction into the futility of mortal intentioning, and without our consent, has killed the creative core of higher mind function. Just the saying of "How are you?" illustrates the rampant denial projection of the malicious psychical nature of a chemically based solar powered fossil FACTory. Then we have the rumor of the hypothetical savior who did not accomplish the goal of creating the everlasting life and, apparently assigned his speculations and insights upon a Father who resides in a place that has its latiitude, longitude, and elevation set as trust me. Posting truth as unverifiable is not a reality. It is a reaction. Judas Christ has karma on deceit whether by intention or accident. Anyone who attaches to this resonance will reap the same futility. In this regard, the living mirror universe is unforgiving. Ignorance of the law is an unconscious request to be removed from duty. Passivity in learning truth lived with love, is perceived by the universe as defiance. If truth is not Ironed out, we will be nailed. No one escapse from Eternal law. So to you I say awaken to surrender learnig and teaching and absorb the clarity that only you can and must create for deliverance to all. Truth regarding the resolution of intention relevance, in an international context, can only be created by a virtuized intuition in a constant presence, undistractable. To speak to another acting as if all is well while mortality resolution is deferred is false propheting. Their is no path to power but by truth spoken with love and acted out with integrity. All else will fail its audition. For each humanoid, exteriorized intentionality is the face of, and reveals, the composite conclusion of a world view experiment. The things a person thinks about and the things said to another contain information pointing directly at the level of analytical evolution. However, no one seems to preface their statements with the context of intention itself, as if "everyone" automatically assumes that the context of intention itself is known to all. This is a mistake. Underlying all speech is a fear of death denied or accepted. The living dead have no option known to them about coming awake and turning all creative thought toward mortality resolution international. Ignorance, therefore, represents a mutiny within the universal context of turning all creative thoughts toward the resolution of human mortality. In this regard, we are all playing the default psychical modality of an evolutionary mutiny. We are living(dying) on borrowed time and that makes us all theives in an innocent but real evolutionary mutiny conspiracy. added March 19. 2002

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