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Context: Parental Authority

Author: tru1h (1 Msg)

Parental Authority 3:40PM PST, Feb 16, 2002

All life forms are created to be destroyed. The coldness of this acts a primal psychical sedative which operates from below consciousness to keep humans in denial. Clarity is endocrinally aka psycho-chemically over-ruled.[Except in my case or I wouldn't be able to point it out] No parent can tell its chilled (misspelling intentional) that it brought it into the world to die as an intent. However the fact of it is that there is no other alternative to sustain the dna march toward its, as yet, unclarified "destination". Much of the confusion about the fresh expendable bio-robots (the kids or, more accurately, the deceivees) is that no one breeds out of love or clarity by placing new humans into a guaranteed death context and then ACTING as if everything is fine while you stay in freedumb and refuse to commit all creative time to protect the child and yourself from all forms of danger.

So, ACTING as if you are concerned, is guilt motivated and is never the truth.

Two perceived possibly ethical solutions are physical immortality or cessation of breeding as a strategy to remove parents from their inherited context of breed to kill.

What is your perception?

More of my perceptions offered as charity clarity are expressed at www superhumanity com and org, the twin towers.

Context:Axis of Evil(US President) 6:45PM PST, Feb 16, 2002

Male anger is a cold ploy of psycho-genetic dna strategies worked out over millions of years in the differential breeding format olympics ....all performance based on Darwinian earned advantages.

Fathers don't sinned(send) their daughters off to war to die after pretending that they are valuable. (Betrayal) The differential psycho-emotional betrayal dynamic of humanoidal primates had a breeding advantage at the expense of excessive male pain and death.

Similarly, in the birth canal, a lot more sperm die than eggs. We don't hunt sperm on Easter...'jist' eggs.

Prostitution thrives on the "fact" that women are more valuable than men and that "fact" also appears as a huge factor driving male war with the female violence taking the form of passivity and differential betrayal [psycho-sexually](like male hair removal + Delila Story reinforcement).

The President and Wife, country, world, all the military.....are the puppets of these psycho-genetic chemo/emotional reactionism dynamics.

Until they awaken.

How Simple.

With Love,



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