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Text for the resolving of the killing of all children! Last updated March 30, 12:38 hours (pm)MST 2002

PREFACE: Everyone you pretend to love is dying because you are only conditioned to pretend to care. You have been hypnotized and opiated by your parents, culture, and everyone you meet. Your are a conspirator in a baby killing machine. The Universe is killing you and you are not resisting or RESOLVING. Therefore: You are the walking dead/killing kind. I am virtue calling you awake. Please respond.

CURRENT STATUS: People are robotical, (((Hypnotized!!!))), mutually unsupportive except superficially, vulnerable, sensitive, mortalising, adaptive, guilt and avoidance driven, confused, and, don't like being questioned about their pre-resolved deathwish.

[Cultural and era stained psycho-MORTAL-robotic inherited limitation rationalization psy-modality dynamics.]

Children are trust centered and vulnerable to the unresolved ignorance and deception of their contemporary cultural and family experience. Parental miss-guy-dense transfers the hypnotic, unsensed, deathwish maintenance psychical modality to the receptive brains of babies[ba as in sheep]/chilled-run[truth avoi-dense.] Spelling intentional.

Chickens are "raised" for slaughter. Cattle are "raised" for slaughter, and, until the human race formalizes immortality across all cultures, babies, including you, are "RAISED" FOR SLAUGHTER.

Auschwitz has been the only modality of all dna life forms for the entire evolutionary history of earth. Wanna wake up yet? We subconsciously train ourselves to preface our world view in a small time frame (chrono-myopia), for if we widen it too far, it contains our death and our conspiracy against the self. And then we add geo-myopia to that for if we put too many persons in our consciousness, we might experience the pain and pointlessness of life that we have all learned to avoid. Here,again, we arrive at the origins of the denial motive as pain avoidance. The living Dead. Because the universe, without consciousness or conscience, builds life forms to destructively test them, humanity has inherited that evil. In order to continue the evil of the stellar inspired baby killer context, humans have a powerful need to be in denial, and, likewise, need a powerful driving force to provide a motive for replication. Human sexuality provides that powerful motivation to replicate. Because the male and female sexual roles are not evenly divided on manufacturing, then the denial motive is, likewise, disproportionately divided. By this logic, then, logically, a male would sooner discover these proposed facts regarding the human condition. And, by the same logic, women will have a larger motive than males, to deny their truth and need for resolution. I further sense, after years of social conversations regarding my attempts to teach this theory to adults that the youth will, in the era of resolution, have to teach it to the adults. I know of no other approach that has the power to overcome the fear, tradition, guilt, shame, and denial that has caused adults to lose their connection to reality. Religions, psychologies, and philosphies all contain perversions of perceptual aptitude and translation for the afore mentioned reasonings. April 5, 2002: Humanity has inherited a build to kill evolution of survival aptitude. The innocent guilt assosiated with this inheritance is the motive for shock and denial. The hypnotic trance coming down each lineage is the psychical virus of deceit projection with in the setting an example for the new inducties, the chill of child, the kidding of kids.....synthethic emotion and conn-cept. We are a solar powered mutiny still waiting for its savior. War is the male activation of the anger response subconscious reaction to being psycho-physically betrayed by the creator, [Mother-father] the head manufacturer, Mother, and secondarily father. He has less sexual authority because he doesn't have abortion rights or sexual access compared to the female. Any discussion about war is best done from a master context of the origin of life and life's "purpose". The dna mutation and testing phenomenon is activated by three simultaneous agents......a stellar enery source, a planetary stage with correct conditions for a medium of growth, and the dna seed of evolvable replication enhancement of niching survival refinement. This is a time machine under "pre-supervised" experimentation. Since humanity has been created as the high brain volume agent of the time machine, supervision is our inheritance. Ethics and morality, psychology and social structures are it's statement and reveal its level of evolvement, or lack of it. War between males is learned by psychical programs activated from the genetic level and are transfered to young male humans through attitudes and protocols for which the mother is generally and totally unaware. Psycho-robotics is our inheritance. New software is the phenomenon of religous, philosophical, and psychological speculations and exploration. I have concluded that, in general, parents prefer daughters to sons and this psycho-genetic prejudice has a refining attribute in the long term breeding of sacrificial beings called the children. The chill or coldness is in the creation of sacraficial players through a non-consenting mechanism known as human procreative sexuality, now post alpha male spider format. Lie Fanned Death: Auschwitzing Expendable DNA! Because we only loose one 27 thousanth of our life every day, and, because no one else we know sees that as a problem to solve, we all continue to die-on-schedule while acting as if this intention is acceptable, cool, normal, unchange-able. This act stands in direct defiance of "Thou Shalt not Kill"! This act stands in direct defiance of our American law concerning pre-meditated murder. We all Legitimize and perpetuate slow motion Suicide, we advertize death by intending it in all of our social activity. This is the Master conspiracy of conspiracies.

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