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Evolution is ]]]](THE)[[[[ Intention Vector. The Darwin analysis, originally called survival, needs further clarificalion, deliniation, and installation, socialogically. Humans perceive and conclude in an era of admitted ignorance call, for example, "what's it all about Alphie-ISM" and "Time Will tell-ISM" Era Shift,The Quickening and [WHAT]???-IS Quickening", The Paradigmal", aka "The Prophecy Fulfillment" aka "The Second Coming", the Christ/AntiChrist Resolution, "The Grand Clarification" are all acceleratedly quickening.

The sum of all human intention vector operates in relation to and controls an evolution EFFICIENCY index, from which intentioning has been constructed, as have been the expendible intentionors, [US} AND for an extremely specific "PURPOSE"! Physical Immortality is the "destination" of respect driving and coordinating the sum of all human intention.

Multicultural historical and present god hypothosises were/are "correct" for there era and are due clarification and unification to come under a single Unified intention theory [international sociology construct. I refer to that presently as the Eternal Virtue/respect fire navigating, coordinatedly and subserviatingly all human intention. Driving this is the profound neccessity to stop creating children to kill them while ACTING like all is well.

Created Jun 27, 2002! at 17:40 MST.