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How Fear Of Truth Delays the Resolution of Ignorance.

Question = creating and therefore moving through fear of truth to lucid Which came first "The Chicken(pw) or the "egg" (Mother/female). Initiative = creation. Resolution of confusion in the aquisition of the aptitude of the complete socialization of the eternal preservation of Human/Superhuman Life. Both the male and female human, through no fault of their own, have inherited a universe and a dna system that has been invoking models to destuctively test after , hopefully, some benificial mutation has occurred. Starkly put, we have been psycho-chemically inducted into a pre-ethical conspiracy. And, because of the nature of the human psychy, we have inherited guilt (which hurts) and we have inherited denial/self deception motives to cover over the guilt. With that accomplished, now we are sufficiently psychically anesthetized to be a sleeping full blown conspirator who also, by the nature of our creative potiential for lucidity, are occupying the resolver position known most frequently as christ or god. So the lie rampant in society is that jesus already took care of the guilt and the lie and now we are free to sin without recourse. But since this is a lie, the universe, with our help, kills us. Punitive reality. Most sadly is that the new people come in to this reality trusting and are betrayed by parents who are so asleep, they have no idea that the conspiracy is still not resolved. But I know. Truth is like this. Our psyche is naturally pre-disposed to avoid pain. Certain facts and perspective which are painful to hold in mind space just happen to be neccessary to generate clarity. Humanity does not encourage new people (children) to understand and move through this fact. Tradition is the result. Evolution cannot accelerate because tradition produces resistance to new perspectives, which are an evolutionary neccessity. [This section is under construction...last here on March 20 2002]


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